Please join hundreds’ of thousands of UK people and me in signing the PeoplesVote Petition and the Final Say Petition.  Come and join the PeoplesVote March on 20th October too.  Please also write to your MP – as many times as you can bear.  Here is my latest attempt.

Whether you voted leave or remain, we should all have the chance to examine the final Brexit deal and express our opinion.

The 2016 referendum voted to leave the EU – albeit as a result of an illegal campaign based largely on fabrications.  The leave vote was based on promises of a Brexit that would be quick and easy, would retain all the benefits of membership and would not risk jobs, the NHS, the Irish border, citizens’ rights or our international co-operation on security, science, education, the environment or transport.

2 years later, our government hasn’t yet negotiated a deal.  So far, our government hasn’t even agreed what to negotiate for.  No knew in 2016 what Brexit would be and no one knows even now.  While we’ve waited, much more research and analysis has been done about the impacts of various types of Brexit.  Public opinion has also shifted as we’ve learned more.

Once we have an actual Brexit deal on the table – let’s take another look and vote again.

Brexit Resources

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Twitter #FBPE Network – Add #FBPE (Follow Back Pro Europe) to your Twitter name or bio.  Follow others and follow people back to build the remain voice.

No-deal impact analysis from UK and EU

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UK Government – No deal preparation advice

UK Government EU Exit Analysis – briefing document developed by the DExEU department showing that any Brexit harms the UK.

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