Sentientism is the foundation of my thinking.  In simple terms the philosophy applies evidence and reason and extends moral consideration to all sentient beings.  Sentient beings are those that can experience – both suffering and flourishing.  Sentient beings include humans, non-human animals and potentially artificial and alien intelligences.

I’ve written an essay on the topic here.  Please let me know what you think – in comments below, on the Areo page or on one of the fora below.

Here’s another piece that compares sentientism to some related philosophies and movements.  Hopefully this helps to clarify why I think it is distinctive and valuable.

This is a short read covering my thoughts re: “Is Humanism good enough” and pointing out where I think sentientism is an improvement.

To date, there’s little mention of sentientism outside of philosophical circles. Given its importance — I feel that’s odd. If you’re interested in talking about the topics raised or finding out more, I’ve set up a Facebook group, a sub-Reddit and a Twitter list of suspected sentientists (mostly by searching for humanist vegan / vegetarians).

If you think sentientism is important and would like to help raise awareness of the idea, I’ve written some ideas here.

There’s a new Wikipedia page for Sentientism here – feel free to improve it.

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