This is a place to share, and hopefully improve, my thinking. I also have writing published by Areo magazine, Free Inquiry magazine, Sentient Media and on Medium.

I live with my family in deep north London. I am a world-class embarrassing dad and husband.

I’m interested in a range of projects:

  • Sentientism – raising awareness of this simple philosophy (evidence, reason and compassion for all sentient things) and building a global community around it. It’s important to me because it can help fix all of our problems.
  • Campaigning – in the short-term to mitigate the impacts of Brexit and, more generally, in pursuit of a sentientist manifesto.
  • Effective Altruism and philanthrophy – Sentientist philosophy, effectiveness prioritsation (e.g. GiveWell), social cohesion and opendata humanitarian solutions (e.g. HOT, Missing Maps, HDX).
  • Learning – Philosophy, maths, sciences, programming, languages, music.
  • Investment – Ethical / ESG (environmental, social, governance) focused approaches.

I enjoyed a 23 year career as a management consultant. I left my Managing Director role in 2017 to work on a range of projects, including those above. New suggestions are always welcome.

I coach people (life, executive, ski racing) and advise organisations on an ad-hoc basis.

I’m a HOT (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap) voting member and and an OSM (OpenStreetMap) Foundation member.

My papers and seminar materials on Sentientism are on Academia.edu, ResearchGate and PhilPeople.

I’m a BASI L2 qualified ski instructor and a UKCP L1 trainee ski race coach. I slalom race train with a local  club (yes, in England, where we have no snow or real mountains).

I hope you find something of interest – let me know what you think, either in the comments or @jamiewoodhouse.

Alternatively, you can start a conversation with me here on Letter.wiki


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