Teaching the Sentientism Worldview – Webinar Recording (only 28 mins!)

Last week we ran our first ever “Teaching the Sentientism Worldview” webinar. The links below are to a recording of the presentation on the Sentientism YouTube and Sentientism podcast (don’t forget to subscribe to both!) The session was mainly targeted at religion and worldview teachers in the UK but also serves as a general introduction to Sentientism. At x2 speed it’s less than 15 minutes! After the presentation our discussion ran on into the evening with perspectives shared from Germany, the US, Australia, Holland and France. Hopefully that enthusiasm is an indication that there’s appetite for more of these sessions in the future. Please let me know – and as ever, feedback and suggestions on the webinar or on Sentientist Education in general are very welcome. You can now follow Sentientism on Eventbrite for notifications of future events.

Apple Podcast Link – “Teaching the Sentientism Worldview”

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