Sentientism – Raising Awareness

 If you think sentientism is important and would like to help raise awareness of the idea – here are some suggestions of things you can do to help.

I’ve started with a focus on Twitter and plan to add more for other fora.


  • Sign up to Twitter if you’re not on it. It’s a great place for public conversation once you’ve learned how to deal with the noise
  • Add #sentientist to your bio if the term feels like it fits + follow back others who use it
  • Follow our @Sentientism account
  • Subscribe to our list of Sentientists
  • Follow other sentientists from the @Sentientists list (e.g.
  • Add mobile alerts to some of these accounts so you see when they tweet (triple dot menu, then turn on mobile notifications)
  • Like and re-tweet posts about sentientism (look for the #sentientism hash tag)
  • Post your own thoughts about sentientism – tweets, blogs, articles, links to our Sub-Reddit, Facebook group, Wikipedia page, Instagram…
  • Connect with philosophers / academics / VIPs / celebs / activists you follow and talk to them about sentientism to see if they’ll help spread the word
  • Let me know your Twitter handle if you’d like to be added to our sentientists list on Twitter.

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