Richard Brown

Consciousness Live! on Sentientism – with Skateboarding Philosopher Richard Brown

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This new Sentientism episode (#195) is a cross-post of my discussion with Richard Brown on his Consciousness Live YouTube podcast. Make sure you go and subscribe there too. Richard is a professor of philosophy at City University of New York. His work is focused on the philosophy of mind, consciousness studies, and the foundations of cognitive science but he also works on the philosophy of language, metaethics, philosophy of physics, logic and the philosophy of logic, as well as the history of philosophy. As you can imagine, this made it an enjoyably brain-stretching conversation for me. Richard was also my guest on Sentientism way back on episode 57 if you want to see the tables turned the other way around.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did talking – feedback and suggestions are always welcome. As ever I’m only one Sentientist so others will disagree!

As an aside, we have a free webinar about the Sentientism worldview planned for 27th June aimed at teachers in religious education, worldviews, philosophy, PSHE and related topics. If you’re a teacher or just interested why not come join us? If you know a teacher, please feel free to forward this on!

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