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New vid/podcast discussions on Sentientism @ “Future Design”, “Ask a Philosopher” and “The Bridge”

I’ve had three fascinating public discussions about Sentientism recently, with the Future Design Podcast, the “Ask A Philosopher” virtual spin out from an event usually held at Burning Man and on the Bridge podcast with John Lamberton. Links to the video and audio are below. Have a watch or a listen and let me know what you think. Feel free to share, of course, if you think they’re interesting!

As ever, there’s much more at sentientism.info and everyone (Sentientist or not) is welcome to join our main global community group.

Future Design Podcast

Future Design:
Watch the video of our conversation about Sentientism on YouTube here. You can also listen to the audio via AppleSpotify or the other usual podcast platforms.
The Future Design Podcast by Takatoshi Shibayama is about the technologies and ideas that improve ourselves and the world around us.

As well as covering the basics of Sentientism and its implications, we discussed how it’s much harder for some communities to move to rationality & compassion where their way of life is deeply bound to animal fishing/farming and to tradition. We also discuss how individuals can make personal changes but also help to drive institutional changes that might have even greater impact.


Ask A Philosopher Live Stream
An interesting, open question and answer session hosted by Anna Gullub and Daniel Estrada of “Ask A Philosopher“. I cover the basics of Sentientism but go into some of my personal views too – so many Sentientists will disagree. Our central discussion focuses on whether morality should be grounded in sentience, suffering and flourishing – or not be grounded at all, rather emerging from a negotiated consensus.

John Lamberton’s Bridge Podcast – Episode 12 on Sentientism

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