Randall Abate headshot

“How can I have been morally asleep for so long?” – Prof Randall Abate – New Sentientist Conversation

Randall is an author and environmental, animal, climate and constitutional law professor at Monmouth University in New Jersey. His books include “What Can Animal Law Learn From Environmental Law?” and “Climate Change and the Voiceless: Protecting Future Generations, Wildlife, and Natural Resources”.

Josh Gellers

Happy New Year! Also “De-centring the human” – New Sentientist Conversation with Josh Gellers

In this video, Jamie talks to author and associate professor Josh Gellers. Josh’s work spans animal, environmental and artificial intelligence ethics and law. He is a research fellow with the Earth System Governance Project and is a Fulbright scholar. He is Author of “Rights for Robots”.

We talk about growing up in a culturally Jewish household, non-human rights (animal, robot or otherwise) and how to take a pluralistic approach that “wades in the waters of other ways of knowing” without slipping into a relativism that excuses causing needless harm.

Roman Yampolskiy

“Humans might one day need to beg AIs for our sentient rights” – AI expert Roman Yampolskiy – New Sentientist Conversation

Roman is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Louisville. He is known for his work on behavioral biometrics, the security of cyberworlds and artificial intelligence safety. He founded the field of intellectology – the analysis of the forms and limits of intelligence.

Floris van den Berg

“No victim, no problem!” – New Sentientist Conversation video with philosopher Floris van den Berg

In this video, Jamie talks to atheist, vegan, activist philosopher and author, Floris van den Berg.We discuss Floris’ “Eco-Humanism”, his new book “On Green Liberty“, as well as how he is “not a moral realist, not a moral relativist, but a moral universalist.”