Graham Bessellieu

“Diverse sentients could live in mutual symbiosis” Graham Bessellieu – New Sentientist Conversation

Graham is an artist, a photographer and a video/audio content producer.

In these Sentientist Conversations, we talk about the two most important questions: “what’s real?” & “what matters?”. Sentientism is “evidence, commitment & compassion for all sentient beings.”

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We discuss:

  • Being raised Christian
  • Going from a soprano to a bass during a church choir tour
  • Love and compassion as central to Christian ethics
  • Eternal torture in hell maybe isn’t ethical – a trigger for re-thinking
  • Comparative religion, logical contradictions
  • The weakness of theodicies (explanations for evil)
  • New Atheism, Dennett, Harris and naturalism
  • Are most religious people more moral than their religions?
  • A naturalistic grounding for ethics
  • Peter Singer’s “Animal Liberation”. Developing ethics through evidence and reason
  • Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” and factory farming
  • Earthlings, the documentary
  • How ethical conviction helped Graham work through the practical and social challenges of giving up animal products
  • How some of the most fundamental philosophical challenges have the simplest answers, but social norms get in the way
  • Is animal farming a “necessary evil”?
  • Our non-human animal friends make a cameo appearance
  • The amazing ethical gymnastics people do to try and justify continuing to consume animal products (toddler farming anyone?)
  • Normalising rationality and sentiocentrism. Getting them to be mainstream
  • Why people should adopt Sentientism quickly while it’s still edgy and cool 🙂
  • Clean meat and plant-based meats
  • Ending animal farming and exploitation and using sanctuaries as part of transition
  • Zoonotic disease risks
  • The common ground, even a political majority, re: ending factory farming: Sentience Politics, Cory Bookers’ farm bill
  • Extending legal personhood to non-humans
  • Mitigating wild animal suffering (see Animal Ethics and Wild Animal Initiative orgs)
  • Difficult problems and uncertain solutions don’t justify excluding sentient beings from moral consideration
  • Effective Altruism – how to do the most good
  • David Deutsch & “The Beginning of Infinity”… Getting to better problems
  • Steven Pinker & “Enlightenment Now”
  • Avoiding naivety but remaining radically open to possibilities
  • Magnus Vinding & “Suffering-Focused Ethics”
  • Transhumanism, long-termism and immediate ethical priorities re: suffering
  • The struggle to balance the value of enhancing sentient experience (including our own) vs. the imperative of suffering reduction
  • What good could our species do if we could free up today’s humans from suffering and survival concerns and tap in to our latent compassionate ethics?
  • A Star Trek future?
  • The potential diversity of future sentients and how we might live together
  • The information processing view of sentience and consciousness and its unbounded potential
  • Will future sentients even be able to connect? In many ways we already are connected.

Sentientism is “Evidence, reason & compassion for all sentient beings.” You can find out more at Join hundreds of others on our “wall” using this simple form.

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Thanks to Graham Bessellieu for his post-prod work on this video. Follow him at @cgbessellieu.

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