An Introduction to Sentientism – on YouTube and podcast. “Talking to Humanists about other sentients”

In a break from our usual YouTube and podcast #SentientistConversations, this is a presentation about Sentientism. I hope you find it interesting! Feedback is always gratefully received.

I had the pleasure of talking to the Dorset Humanists group in the UK. My presentation was followed by a lively discussion which you can find on the Dorset Humanists YouTube channel.

Here’s the main presentation video (about 40 mins):

And here are the links for the podcast version on Apple and on all the other platforms too.

More people every day are subscribing to the YouTube and podcast and watching/listening to our back catalogue of inspiring conversations. Some are kindly leaving ratings, reviews and sharing with friends. Thank you – every act helps to normalise compassion and rationality!

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