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I was interviewed about Sentientism for the Beyond Species podcast run by Tofu Steve.

You can listen to the Sentientism episode online or on any of the usual platforms. Beyond Species focuses on exploring speciesism and how to dismantle it.

This was a fascinating conversation focused on animal advocacy. We talked about how anti-speciesists and vegans generally are sentientist, in that they grant meaningful moral consideration to all sentient beings. However, some other sentientists (including me) that are open to granting different degrees of moral consideration based on degrees of sentience – might remain open to criticisms of a type of speciesism, even though we agree that harming or killing any sentient is a moral negative.

Here are some other podcast episodes about Sentientism.

If you think you might be a Sentientist, why not join the growing number of people adding themselves to our Wall of Sentientists?

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