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“The aim is to convince 8 billion people to use evidence & reason & extend universal compassion to all sentient beings, thereby solving all the world’s problems.” New podcast interview!

Give Yourself The Chat:

Listen to the episode on the GYTC web site or all the usual platforms. Peter Lewis is a coach and consultant. His podcast focuses on personal development and practical philosophy.

Peter and I discuss my personal journey from religion to atheism and humanism, then on to Sentientism. We talk about the epistemology and ethics of Sentientism and how it links to how we might live our lives.

For all the other podcast interviews so far on Sentientism, visit our Podcasts page.

We’re also launching our own Sentientism Podcast! Just a short trailer there so far, but subscribe now on your favourite platform so you don’t miss the future episodes. This page gives you the links to most platforms. The Apple podcast link is here.

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