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Why is it so hard to talk about meat?

I had the pleasure of talking to previous Sentientist Conversations guest, fellow Sentientist and “baby vegan”, journalist Jenny Splitter, for her FutureFeed Substack (writing and podcast!). Find our conversation here.

To introduce our conversation, Jenny says: “I have no problem telling people to eat less beef for the planet but when it comes to talking about the morality of eating meat, I find myself shying away. Lately I’ve been wondering why, so I asked Jamie Woodhouse, host of the Sentientism Podcast, YouTube and related online communities, to help me unpack the reasons behind my trepidation in this my first podcast episode for the FutureFeed newsletter.”

I hope you enjoy our conversation. Feedback is always welcome. Don’t forget to subscribe to Jenny’s FutureFeed while you’re there.

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