Floris van den Berg

“No victim, no problem!” – New Sentientist Conversation video with philosopher Floris van den Berg

In this video, Jamie talks to atheist, vegan, activist philosopher and author, Floris van den Berg.We discuss Floris’ “Eco-Humanism”, his new book “On Green Liberty“, as well as how he is “not a moral realist, not a moral relativist, but a moral universalist.”

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Future Based

Podcast Alert: Future Based!

Annika van den Born from Future Based and I discuss how naturalism and sentiocentrism come together in Sentientism. We discuss how “higher power” systems of thinking tend to warp compassionate ethics. We talk about the risks of environmental movements extending their moral circles too far (biocentrism, ecocentrism or holism) while often ignoring sentient non-human animals. We also talk about what a Sentientist utopia might look and how we might move towards it.