Sentientism on “Knowing Animals”

Our new Sentientism episode is a bonus cross-post of my conversation about ⁠Sentientism⁠ with ⁠Josh Milburn⁠ on his ⁠Knowing Animals podcast⁠, founded by the late and much loved Siobhan O’Sullivan, as part of their Protecting Animals series.

Here is the Apple link!

Here is the Spotify link (also has links for all the other platforms).

Make sure you subscribe to Knowing Animals wherever you listen. Of course Josh has also been my guest on Sentientism back in ⁠episode 50⁠. You can find it ⁠here on the Sentientism YouTube⁠ (don’t forget to subscribe and click the bell!) and ⁠here on the Sentientism Podcast⁠.

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